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Report Decision Dashboard, School Promise Academy (936)

To see additional information on the progress of students in different achievement subgroups, please select "All" from the "Show Reports" drop-down below. This will add data from the diagnostic reports, where 1 represents the lowest-achieving fifth of students across the state, and 5 represents the highest fifth.

Ohio's State Tests End of Course Accountable
Multi-Yr Tr
Algebra I

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SubjectTest/GradeSchool Value-AddedSchool Diagnostic - Achievement Groups
2021Multi-Year Trend1 (Lowest)23 (Middle)45 (Highest)
MathematicsOhio's State Tests End of Course (Algebra I)

School Diagnostic

circle-filledModerate evidence that the group made more growth than expected.
circle-strokedEvidence that the group made growth as expected.
diamond-filledModerate evidence that the group made less growth than expected.
Not enough students to generate a growth measure.