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Understanding EVAAS Accounts

Access to Teacher Reports

Click here if you moved to a new district and need to request a hard copy of your value-added report.

Each year when teacher reports are released, EVAAS creates and updates user accounts to ensure that teachers can view their reports. This update uses data provided to EVAAS with the student-teacher linkages. The email addresses provided in this data are associated with the EVAAS accounts.

If an educator already has an account, and the email address provided in this data does not match the email address already on that account, EVAAS updates the email address to match the most recently provided data.

When a new account is created for a teacher in this automated process, the account grants the teacher access to their own Teacher Value-Added and Diagnostic reports, student reports for the students who were linked to the teacher, and the school reports. The account does not include access to student reports for all students in the school. If the teacher should have access to all students in the school, the school admin will need to modify the account to add that access.

In a small number of cases, school admins must create new accounts for teachers or modify existing accounts so that teachers can view their Value-Added and Diagnostic reports.

For more information on how to create and modify school user accounts, see Creating and Modifying School Users.