Table of Contents
School Performance Diagnostic Summary

Interpreting the Data

This report provides educators with the opportunity to explore patterns of academic growth for groups of students at different expected performance levels across schools. When looking for patterns of growth in this report, educators should look for evidence of consistency, or a lack of consistency, across schools. As you view the data, you might want to consider these questions:

  • Are we serving all students adequately?
  • Are we serving all students equitably?
  • Are students in all expected performance level groups meeting or exceeding expected growth in all schools?
  • Where are we doing well? Which groups in which schools are showing positive growth?
  • Where are we not doing as well? Which groups in which schools are not showing positive growth?
  • What patterns are we seeing across groups? Are these patterns consistent across schools?
  • What does the data suggest about the curriculum and instruction in the selected grade and subject?
  • Does the district have the appropriate courses available to meet students' needs in all grades and subjects? How are students placed into courses?
  • How are students identified for interventions? Are students accessing the appropriate interventions and resources?
  • How do we challenge high-achieving students who are identified as gifted? What about high-achieving students who are not identified as gifted?
  • What professional development activities are available for teachers in the various subjects?