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Batch print teacher reports

You can print all teacher reports for an individual teacher, or all teacher reports for all teachers in a list. For each teacher, the PDF includes these reports for all grades and subjects or courses:

  • Teacher Value-Added Summary
  • Teacher Value-Added, including the student list
  • Teacher Diagnostic Summary
  • Teacher Diagnostic, including the list of students in each achievement group

Submit a batch of teacher reports for printing

  1. While viewing the Teacher List by School, Teacher Search Results, a list of teachers from a District or School Teacher Summary, or an individual teacher's report, put the pointer over Print in the blue EVAAS menu bar.
  2. In the Print Options select Print Teacher Value-Addeds and Diagnostics. This submits your batch request and opens the Batch Printing page where you can monitor the progress of your batch request.
  3. If the status of your batch file is Processing, click Refresh List periodically to update the status. If your batch file contains many teachers, it will take more than a few minutes to complete. You can navigate away from the Batch Printing page and return later to check the status.
  4. When the status is Finished, the file name becomes a link. Click the link to open the batch file.

Access batch files you previously submitted

  1. From any report in EVAAS, put the pointer over Print in the blue EVAAS menu bar.
  2. In the Print Options select View Teacher Report Print Files. The Batch Printing page opens.
  3. Click a file name to open it.
Batch files are available from the Batch Printing page for two weeks after you submit them. The date and time that each batch file will be deleted from EVAAS is listed in the Expires column.