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Understanding the Student Count

The student count reflects how much assessment data is included in the growth measures. This represents the number of tests included in the analysis and not necessarily the number of students. Shifts in student counts over time might indicate changes in student populations or course placement procedures.

AnalysisStudents Included
Assessments analyzed with the Gain modelAll students whose assessment scores can be used.
Assessments analyzed with the Predictive modelAll students who have three prior usable assessment scores from any subject. Because students who lack sufficient prior data are excluded, the number of students listed here might be less than the number of students served or tested.

Depending on the report or model, the student count might be different from the number of students enrolled in a course because students are excluded from the analysis when:

  • They don't have assessment scores
  • They don't meet membership or attendance rules
  • Their scores are outliers
  • They are new to the state
  • They don't have enough prior assessment data

Some of these exclusion rules might not apply to all subjects. Statistical Models and Business Rules describes various conditions that can cause a student to be excluded from the analysis.