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Report School Value-Added Summary, District Norwayne Local (050567), Year 2023, Test Ohio's State Tests (4-8), Subject Mathematics, Type Accountable

OST Tested reports include all students tested at the school or district. OST Accountable reports include only those students accountable to that school or district.

The values in the table below are rounded for display purposes. Note that the unrounded gain is divided by the unrounded standard error to obtain a gain index. The gain index is rounded before being displayed on the Progress component of the Ohio School Report Card. For this reason, the numbers on the two reports might be very different.

Estimated School Growth Measure by Grade
School Name45678
Norwayne Elementary School (036004)2023-1.69.2------
Multi-Year Trend----------
Norwayne Middle School (007625)2023----2.14.3-4.1
Multi-Year Trend----------
 Significant evidence that students made more growth than expected.
 Evidence that students made growth as expected.
 Significant evidence that students made less growth than expected.
--The school does not have data for this test and subject in the most recent year.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.